Our Brexit Solution

Keep your goods flowing smoothly with our post-Brexit service.
A team of people, experts in logistics, trained in the industry and knowledgable of your business

We’re Here to Support Your Business

Here at Continental Cargo Carriers, we offer an end-to-end solution for your transport and custom requirements. As part of our commitment to reducing the risk of delays and unforeseen costs, we will be keeping the movements of goods and the customs control tightly linked using our own Customs Companies in Belgium, France and the UK.

Continental Flow

Looking for simple, frictionless customs post-Brexit?

Continental Flow keeps your imports and exports running smoothly


We created Continental Flow to deal with the complexities, to keep things moving and help your business succeed post-Brexit.

 So, say goodbye to transition headaches and say hello to Continental Flow – simple frictionless customs.

Want a frictionless customs experience?

Let us help you. Get in touch to organise a free consultation.


Getting to grips with Brexit

We have spent thousands of hours cutting through the complexity to bring you a simple two step Export solution.

By acting as your EU VAT representative, we can make sure your customers deal with VAT the way they always have. And by invoicing you in the UK for EU duty and customs clearance, there’s no need to bother customers. Easy.

Grab a coffee and a croissant, click play and watch the video to see how our process can keep your goods moving and minimise complications to your business.

How we prepared

  • Integrated our IT with the National Customs system in Belgium, France and the UK
  • Authorised Consignor
  • Authorised Consignee
  • Temporary Storage facilities in Belgium and the UK
  • Increased Transit Guarantee
  • Credit offered on Duty Deferment account
  • Brexit taskforce engaged in preparing every area of the business


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